UK cities in breach of EU air pollution standards

Quite a few cities in the UK now are breaching EU limits of pollution - while we don’t have the kind of smog that covers cities in other countries (for example China), it’s still worrying. The fact that rates of cancer are increasing in the UK may be attributed to the amount of pollution here. There has been proposed ‘clean air zones’ to help.

There have been studies linking air pollution in our cities with premature death. A study in London found links between gasses emitted mostly from diesel cars (PM2.5 particles and NO2) and 9,416 deaths in the city last year. Boris Johnson has pushed for a diesel scrappage scheme for all vehicles in the past because of pollution levels on Oxford street which was due to big diesel London busses. Now we have clean air zones coming in, but this excludes private diesel cars. The thing is private cars make up 88% of all diesel motors. If there was a scheme like this for owners of private diesel cars as well, it may also help to raise some awareness of how much damage they are doing.

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Something certainly needs to be done, especially as our nation’s health is being affected. We have seen the effects of smog and how bad it is, not only from our own past but from other countries in the present. We need to recognise this as a problem and realise that it’s not only where there is smog that there is a problem - pollution is usually invisible and even when we can’t see it, it can still kill us. Just because our cities, for the most part, don’t have a shroud surrounding them permanently doesn’t mean that they are free from the dangers that high amounts of pollution brings.

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