Autumn cleaning!

When trying to decide what to blog about I often look around me to the wider world for inspiration. What is going on in the wider world can often be relevent to my business and to the cleaning industry. For example, seasons affect the cleaning industry in Britain, the concept of the spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new at the start of a new season. Or as we approach the (dare I say it in October) Christmas period businesses and home owners want their homes to be spic and span ready for hosting Christmas. 

Seasons affect our mentality - in spring we want everything to be new and fresh ready for Summer. New born lambs are hopping around our countryside and we are inspired to throw out our unwanted clothes (hopefully to charity shops rather than landfill), rearrange our furniture, and deep clean those hard to reach areas of our homes and offices. This is something that we tend to do in Spring but on reflection is spring really the best time to do a spring clean. 

It is now Autumn - we are back from our summer holidays, back to work and back to school surely this is a great time to spring clean our homes and offices? The agrees;'FORGET the traditional spring clean – the “autumn clean” is now the biggest domestic chore of the year.'* The article suggests that post summer holidays people are rested and raring to go in terms of cleaning! This is music to a cleaning business's ears! 

In terms of practicalities autumn is a great time for a deep clean for a number of reasons. have a look at your home or office and what do you see? Leaves have been blown in from outside, mud is trampled in after recent stormy weather and it is spider season so cobwebs are abundent.

Here are Green Clean's top tips for a clean house this autumn,

  • Cobwebbing - it is spider season. The spiders are coming in and making themselves comfortable in the corners of your rooms! I am not a massive spider fan but I appreciate their importance in terms of biodiversity. Where possible I will collect the spider in a suitably sized glass and distribute him into the garden where he can make a new home. Their are cobwebs everywhere in my house at the moment. Rather than using an extendable long armed duster; I favour the brush hoover attachments. Perfect for sucking up left over cobwebs from the corners of rooms and high ceilings around your home. I am finding that just hours after a satisfying and successful cobweb around my house that they are back. So at this time of year regular cobwebbing is a must!
  • Leaves! Although the streets and fields look pretty with the autumn colours of falling leaves the leaves themselves can be a pain in the home and office. They are walked in by staff and members of your household. It is traditionally quite blustery at this time of year so leaves are blown in when you open the doors and they will find their way around your home in no time! They will collect and crumple into corners of your kitchen, find their way around your home behind sofas and curtains and generally cause a bit of trouble. It is important to sweep and hoover regularly and Autumn is a good time to conduct a deep clean in the home for a number of reasons. You can keep an eye on blown in leaves and debris both from your garden and your home. Also after a long summer (all be it a wet and cool summer) it is a good time to deep clean getting behind and under things in the home to get your home ready for the festive period.
  • The weather! Aside from it being rather blustery it is also pretty wet at the moment. I like to impose a 'shoes off' rule in my house to stop my fiancé and housemate from trampling in mud. It doesn't always work and I find myself regular armed with the mop ready to clean up muddy prints from the floors. Where mud is trampled into carpets it is best to wait for it to dry out taking care not to work it into the carpet further. Then use the hoover to clear it up. You can also sprinkle some baking soda onto the muddy carpet. Bicarbinate of soda or salt on muddy carpets will help lift the stain to the surface. Leave it on the carpet for 30 mins and hoover off.
  • Condensation! A big problem for me at this time of year is condensation - especially on windows. One of the biggest problems with condensation is that it often leads to mould growth. Especially on window frames. Using tea tree essential oil (mix 10 drops into a cup of water) wipe off the mould with a sponge. The tea tree is anti-fungal so it should go someway to preventing the mould returning with such force. However at this time of year the best form of action is regular maintainence. Especially in these old Chichester homes. Wipe the mould away regularly before it gets too bad. Try dehumidifying sachets or as someone suggested to me put a bowl of unscented cat litter in the rooms with the problem and it should absorb any excess moisture. Replace each week.
Please let me know if you have any specific autumn cleaning problems that I have missed!
So my suggestion to you is that Autumn is a good time for what we would traditionally call a 'spring clean'. In reality each season presents cleaning problems in the home and office and any time of year is a good time for a deep clean. However in the run up to Christmas it is even more important to get on top of cleaning problems in the home and office. If you don't want to do it yourself - we can. We have a team of eager cleaners ready to deep clean your home or office. It you contact us now and quote 'Autumn blog' we will give you a £5 cleaning voucher to redeem against a clean of 2 hours in length or more. What are you waiting for!?

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