Eco friendly products - created by Green Clean Chichester!

We do not believe that you need chemicals to clean! Instead we use ingredients that are natural as we consider these to be just as effective as chemicals and a lot more friendly to the environment.

Here are some of our most used ingrediants and why we like them so much!

Essential Oils: We use essential oils in 2 main ways. 

1) To fragrance our cleaning products.

2) To make use of the medcinial properties of the oils and make use of them as an aid for cleaning.

For example; we use Lavender as a key ingredient in our 'Lavender Multi purpose solution'. The Lavender oil has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties, it also has effective cleaning properties. It's familiar soothing fragrance leaves your home or office smelling fresh. We use tea tree oil in our 'magical mould killer' as it has effective anti fungal properties. It is great on mould and mildew and it is also anti bacterial s can be used as an all round cleaner. We have recently started using Thyme essential oil for its all round useful properties. It is anti fungal, anti virul, anti bacterial - it is a great natural disinfectant.

Vinegar: Vinegar has long been known for it's useful cleaning properties. It is useful in the following ways - it cuts through grease, works as an effective stain remover, is a natural water softener, removes mildew and attacks mould, it is a disinfectant too.

My Favourate uses for white vinegar include:

  • Removing limescale: bathroom: Vinegar is great for removing limescale deposits in the bathroom. Chichester is a particularly hard water area and suffers badly from limescale! As a natural water softener it cuts through limescale quickly and effectively. 
  • Removing limescale: appliances: Empty your kettle and fill it half full with vinegar. Leave it overnight and voila your limmescale build up will disintergrate. Likewise if your shower head is clogged with limescale remove it, soak it in vinegar overnight and wipe and rinse in the morning.
  • As a fabric connditioner: When I am washing my clothes I often pour a little vinegar into the drawer instead of fabric softener. Vinegar will do the same job as fabric softener and it wont leave an odour as the vinegar will dissipate and leave a fresh smell.
Some other ingredients that we like to use for cleaning include:
  • Olive oil (a useful ingredient in furniture polish),
  • Lemon juice,
  • Borax (or borax substitute),
  • Bicarbinate of Soda, (baking soda)
  • Salt.

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