Tesla, the company behind the famous and very snazzy looking electric cars such as the Model S (pictured below), is looking to change the way we store and use energy with a wall-mounted battery of sorts. But why on Earth would you want a large battery on your wall, I hear you say? Well, think about people with solar panels. Currently, they might have no way of storing that power - any excess that they don’t use goes straight back into the grid. Some have tried stringing car batteries together and such, but these methods take up a lot of room and are usually amatuer attempts that don’t all look amazingly safe. Enter the Tesla Powerwall!

As solar panels and small wind technology gets better, cheaper and smaller, it is or will be soon a lot more widespread and more of a viable option for a lot more people. There are many plus points to having a powerwall, like when everyone else suffers from a power cut you will keep going thanks to stored power. You could also charge the unit when utility rates are low, and then use that energy during the day.

The smaller 7kWh unit will cost around £2000, and the larger 10kWh unit will cost around £2,400. However, I have just converted this from US Dollars so, seeing as we seem to get these things at higher prices than our friends across the pond, take these prices as a very rough guide.

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