Why use contractors?

There are many reasons to start using contract cleaners for your business. We need to emphasise that even if you already hire your own cleaners that are on your payroll, keep reading as there are many reasons to switch to contractors.

Have you considered it?

Firstly have you ever considered cleaners at all before? Why should you? Perhaps you either: 1./ do it yourself, 2./ perhaps your staff do it or 3./ perhaps you don’t want to hire somebody that will get in the way when you are trying to work? Well;

1./ Have you considered that time is money and all the time you are spending cleaning up, you could be using more productively? The thing is, it isn’t just that one off bit of cleaning, if you don’t have a proper rota then you will just keep noticing bits and pieces that you will spend time cleaning up throughout the day, leading to a disjointed and frequently interrupted work day.

2./  If you have staff that do it, well let’s face it, the cleaning is the bit of the job they will not enjoy, this is because they are NOT PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS!!! They will drag their heels and will not deliver you as good a job as a contractor, and they will also take much longer, costing you way more in wages overall than if you just had a cleaner in for an hour, half hour or whatever it is you need!

3./ Finally, if you are worried about the cleaners getting in the way of your staff there, then we have many commercial clients and our cleaners are happy to work around them, which usually means we will either go in before the working day begins for everyone else or afterwards.

What are the benefits?

Well, you have to understand not all contractors offer the same service. So here I can just speak for ourselves; What you get when you hire us is a fully insured service. This is so important and make sure not to overlook it when searching for contractors, as it will protect both you and the cleaner. With us you will get a fully managed, professional service and we will regularly come out and perform spot checks, collect any feedback you have for us and constantly improve our service to you as long as we are in your employment. All equipment and cleaning products are all supplied by us, so less expense for you. Again, we fully manage our staff so that saves you time, effort and money. We will cover all sick and holiday days; this is a problem especially for those of you that have in-house cleaners. With us there is a simple payment system, so you don’t have to add to your payroll. We are up to speed on all COSHH, Health and Safety and Risk Assessment procedures and always follow them exactly. COSHH regulations 2002 are very strict regarding cleaning chemicals, and we deal with all of this for you.

So what is it you need exactly?

Well, as we all know if you get a contractor that provides their own cover, buys their own chemicals and are reliable that is like gold dust. We are certainly a rare breed. However when you get a bad contractor, things can end up costing you far more than it should. You need to establish the right amount of days, the right times and the right amount of hours, and these are all things we will discuss and sort out in the quoting stage, with our vast knowledge of many different commercial cleans ranging from office cleans to doctors surgeries, dentists and pubs, we can quote very accurately.

So do you need contract cleaners?

Well, that is ultimately your decision. You will have to weigh up whether or not you want to save yourselves time and money by getting a quality service or think you can do it another way. Just remember the benefits of using us, and also remember that not all contract cleaners offer the quality service we do so do your research and watch out!

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